DE Registration

Registration is now open.

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MotorsportReg will ask for your automobile info and your driver experience. Please be as truthful and accurate as possible as we use this information to decide what group you will be assigned to and to find a suitable instructor for you. The website accepts several credit cards for payment of the DE fees. MotorsportReg will acknowledge your registration by email and you will be added to the list of attendees.

The DE is held at Barbers Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama. Information about the track is available at Your arrival will start at the Credentials building where you will sign the necessary release forms before entering the track area. You’ll be given a wrist band to wear for the weekend. Its purpose is to let you past the gates by showing the track personnel your arm band. The track personnel will attach it to your wrist and it doesn’t come off until you depart on Sunday. Don’t worry, its waterproof and makes a nice fashion statement…….that you are a track-hound! . Once you’re cleared to enter the track drive on around until you find the Track Control Building. It is shown at the right. It is the only other big building you’re going to see once you pass the gate.

Registration is on the second floor of the building. Take the elevator, or stairs, and go through the double doors on the second level. Once inside you’ll receive your registration information, have your helmet checked for minimum compliance, get another wrist band (designates what group you have been assigned to) and get your DE T-shirt. Once that is completed you can go home if you’re doing this on Friday evening (6:00-7:30 PM) or stay in the same area for the drivers meeting at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning and 7:30 AM Sunday morning. Attending the morning meeting is mandatory.

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