Automobile Insurance Coverage

Your automobile may, or may not, be covered by your insurance policy while its being used in a DE event.   It all depends on your insurance carrier and you need to ask before coming to the DE event. Some insurance carriers understand that a DE event is an excellent method to improve your driving skills  and are happy to cover your car should something happen to it while in the DE event. Other insurance carriers will disallow any coverage of your car if it is at a track for anything other than parked to watch a race.  Be sure you know your risks before the DE event. Call your agent to verify coverage.


It is the answer for insurance coverage for any time you’re participating in a DE event. Basically it is coverage for your car while it is ON THE TRACK. It provides no coverage for everyday driving just for track usage and still does not cover any racing events. A DE is not a racing event.  The link that follows will take you to a company that provides re-insurance for DE events.   We have no contractual obligation with this insurance carrier. It is offered as a favor to our participants. TBD

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