The Weekend

Your two days will be well spent at the Barber Motorsports track in Birmingham, Al. The track is 2.38 miles around, has 16 turns and an 80 foot elevation change.   Without doubt it is the most beautifully landscaped track in the USA.   Also be sure to allow time to see the motorcycle museum with 80,000 square feet of display space. There will be about 500+ motorcycles on display at any time. The entire collection is in excess of 1000 motorcycles and it is the biggest collection in North America.

Initial Check-In

On your arrival you’ll stop at the track Credentials Building to sign the necessary release forms before entering the track.   Children under 18 must be signed in by a parent. The minimum age to participate in the DE is 19.

Track Control Building

Once you leave the Credentials building you’ll pass through the gates and drive on around to the paddock area where you can park your car and come to the second level of the Track Control Building to sign in for the DE event. At this point you’ll need your helmet and the packet that you downloaded from this site. Those documents will verify that your car has been inspected for safety and provide track officials with necessary contact information. The minimum standard for your helmet is SA2005 or M2005.

The Morning Meeting

There will be a MANDATORY meeting at 7:30 AM on Saturday and 7:30 AM on Sunday at the second level of the Track Control Building. The meeting will help each participant to get familiar with various track procedures, rules and the layout of the track. Instructors and students will be matched and introduced at Saturday’s meeting. More experienced students may leave after the meeting. Novice students will stay for a classroom session on car control and the physics of what makes a car handle the way it does. Other run groups will meet for classroom sessions throughout the day. See the schedule in the registration packet for details. Be prepared to learn some interesting facts. The classroom sessions are open to any participant who would like to attend.

Your Run Group

Each group has a particular schedule for the event. You’ll receive a track schedule ahead of time. When your group is scheduled for the track drive your car to the location selected by you and your instructor. He, or she, will know you and your car number and use that to find you. Be sure to get there about 5 minutes early. Watch the score board as it has a countdown timer that will tell you when the current group is about to finish their session. We also announce each event but often you can’t hear it if there is a lot of track noise or if you are inside the building.

Between Sessions

After your session drive back to the paddock and park your car but DO NOT put on your emergency brake. Your brakes will be very hot and engaging your emergency brake (hand brake) can cause your pads to lock, leaving your car unavailable for the next session. There will be food available starting at 11:00 AM; about $10.00 for lunch. You’ll get both hungry and thirsty so bring lots of extra water and some snacks since the food concession will close after lunch. Folding chairs are a nice thing to have along with some sun screen or an umbrella. You can also spend your spare time on the second level of the Track Control Building in air conditioned comfort.

What if this is my first DE?

Have fun and relax. Nobody will ask you to drive beyond your capability. This is a controlled environment where drivers of similar skill levels drive together. We will not put you into a run group with more advanced drivers. In fact, we may even tell you to slowdown if your instructor thinks your trying too hard.

Be sure to download the necessary forms on the DOWNLOADS page. You will need the Student Registration Packet at a minimum.

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