We left our starting point at McDonalds and traveled out Tanner Williams Road to Mississippi.  Our first stop was on this road to check out a group of Texas Long horn cattle and lets not forget the friendly burro that loves to be petted.  Wish I had had a snack to feed her.  Back on the road again and did I mention that the road has some wonderful BMW curves.
Our next stop was a pit stop to REST and a soda, then we stopped a few miles down the road to check the high water on the river.  We traveled into Van Cleave Mississippi on another great BMW road which if you love to drive is a very rewarding drive.  Then on to the world famous Mr. Greek Restaurant where we enjoyed some very fine Greek cuisine.  I believe this should be the tenth year for this trip and that tells you how GREAT the food is.
Our return trip home was uneventful taking some back roads and trying to find a reasonable price on a watermelon.  What a day, what a trip.
Bill Smith and Eddie Shaw