What a great time, we met at Burger King (at least that is where we initially met. We had to move across the side road to a larger lot!) But I digress. We got under way at 9:30am in a steady rain. With Sam Fara leading the 13-car convoy, we headed east southeast. We traveled through some familiar territory and some not so familiar. Sam did a great job keeping everyone close. We traveled on some great curvy roads, that we all wished the weather had cooperated a little, some narrow semi gravel/paved roads that made me glad Sam had a GPS. None the less it was a great run arriving at our destination just in time to grab a box lunch and start some serious glass blowing. One could sign up to assist a blower in making a custom (colors and design) round ornament. Several folks opted for that.

The box lunch was very good. You could choose from Turkey or Ham on thick sliced homemade Brioche bread with chips and a pickle, Quinoa salad and a little Debbie wanna be. It was good eating!

All in all it was a great outing with BMW friends. Amy and I plan to do more.

If you haven’t been on an HoD Fun Run, you are missing out on why they call BMW “The Ultimate Driving Machine

Don Bishop